Creating SMS Action Configs

To do this, click on the Table Settings icon at the top right of your workspace. Now, choose the Action Configs section. Configuring this section will eventually lead you to configure the way your SMS will look.

The following steps need to be performed for the same:

  1. Click on +Create to create a new Action Config and choose SMS as the Action Type.

  2. Give a name to the Action Config, for instance, Registration Successful.

3. If you want to send the SMS to a specific phone number, choose Phone as the recipient and enter the phone number to which you want to send the SMS.
If you want to send the SMS to the phone number stored in a particular field of a record, choose Field as the recipient and enter the name of the respective data field.

4. Next, enter the Template.
This template uses Django tags to refer to the columns of the table for the data. To refer a column/field which has the name as "Customer Name" and the slug as "customer_name", we will use a tag as {{customer_name}}.

5. You can click on Preview to see how your SMS will look like.

You can now use this Action Config to send SMSs manually or through automations.

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