Orgzit gives you the power to create and manage multiple email templates in your Orgzit Account. You can use them for different purposes and send emails as and when required in a more efficient way.

Using Email templates can be very helpful for the following reasons:

  1. They save you time.

  2. They help you in staying consistent.

  3. You can deliver a personalized experience to your target audience.

  4. You can speed up your business processes.

You can create, manage, and use email templates for different workspaces and tables in your Orgzit account.

Create an Email Template

Within your Orgzit Table, view a record and move to the Interactions section. There, click on the Manage Templates option. The Manage Template page shows you the list of existing templates(if any).

Click on the New Template button to create a new template and then follow these steps:

  • Select the Workspace for which you want to create the email template. Here, we've chosen the HR Management Workspace to send out employee payslips.

  • Select the Table for which you want to create the email template.

  • Enter the Template name. For eg. Employee Payslip.

  • Enter the recipients of the email. You can select the To, CC, and BCC by clicking on the respective options.
    Choose the recipient type as Field if you have a data field containing the email address to which you want to send out the mail.
    Choose the recipient type as email if there is a specific email address that you want to send out the email to.
    Here, we choose the recipient type as field and choose the Employee email field because we want the payslips to be sent to the Employee's email address.

  • Enter the Subject for the email.

  • Enter the email body.
    1. Enter the email content. You can use the formatting tools to format your content as required. You can choose the Code View to write the HTML email template code.
    2. For customizing your email, you can insert tags. This will enable you to include details of a specific record for which you are sending out the email. You can choose the fields whose value you want to include by clicking on the Insert Tag option.

3. You also have options to attach files to your email.

You can do it either by selecting a specific file to your email template or you can choose the file field of your table to attach the file specific to a record.

  • Once you have set up everything, you can save your template.

Sending the Email

To send an email using the email template you just made, you have to perform the following steps:

  • View the record from which you want to send out the email.

  • Go to the Interactions section.

  • Click on the New Email button.

  • Click on the Insert Template option available to choose the template.

  • Choose the template required.

  • You can view the email before sending it, make changes if required, and send the email.

  • The email will be recorded in the Interactions section. If someone replies to the email, the reply will also come directly to the interactions section.
    In this way, you can send and receive emails with no more switching between programs!

Check out this video to understand how to create and manage Email Templates:

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