Within your Orgzit Workspace, you can disable and enable your team members or other users to access and work on the Workspace.

When a user is no more required in a particular workspace, if he has moved to another department, is no longer working with your team or for any other reason, you can disable him from one or more workspaces. This means that he will no longer be able to access the workspaces and their data.

And if required, you also have the flexibility to enable him back to a workspace.

Disable Users

Here are the steps to Disable Users from a Workspace:

  1. Move to the User Management Page.

  2. Select the User you want to disable. You will be able to see the list of Active On Workspaces for the chosen user.

  3. You can now disable him from one or more workspaces by clicking on the red-colored action button.

Once you confirm, the user will be disabled from the respective workspace(s). The User will be notified on the email that he has been removed.

Enable Users

To enable the user back into a workspace, the following steps have to be performed:

  1. Below the Active On Workspaces list, you can find a Disabled On Workspaces List.

  2. Click on the Enable Action button to enable a user back into a workspace.

Once enabled, the user will be notified on the email that he has been added back to the workspace and can access it now.

Check out this process to understand How to disable and enable Users from a Workspace!

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