Your account in Orgzit can have multiple workspaces with powerful features that help your team collaborate and work efficiently. You can easily add and manage users in your Orgzit workspace.

Add a New User to a Workspace

If the user is not a part of your Account in Orgzit, you can add the user by following the steps mentioned in the document linked here.

If the user is already a member of your Orgzit Account, you can add the user to a workspace by performing the following steps:

  • Click on the User Management button, available in your workspace sidebar.

  • In the list of users on the User Management page, you have an option to view all users within the account. You can also search for the user you want to add to a workspace.

    Once you view the details of the desired user, you will get an + Add to Workspace option beneath the list of workspaces the user is already active on.

  • Click on the + Add to Workspace button.

  • Choose the Workspace Name to which you want to Add the User.

  • Select the Access Level.

  • Select a role.

  • Click on the Save action button.

You can add the user to multiple workspaces and grant different access levels as well!

Note: Once a user is added to a Workspace, the user will get an email notification for the same. The email will notify the user about the workspace that he has been added to and the role that has been assigned to him. The user will also get a link to access the workspace in the email.

Edit User

Once you have added a user to a workspace, you can edit the access level and role of at any point in time by clicking on the Edit button available with every workspace that the user is added to.

You can watch this video to understand the process to add new users to your Orgzit workspace!

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