Orgzit provides four different types of views to present your data. You can quickly switch between them as per requirement. By default, app data appears in Tabular View. You can also view your data in Kanban View, Map View, and Calendar View. You can also create custom views in Orgzit using the Show/Hide Fields feature.

Calendar View

The Calendar View enables you to view your records on the basis of a date field. For instance, you can look at the calendar view and see the trend of your sales data for the month on the basis of dates.

The Calendar View gives a great view of the data if you want to look at the data trends across days, weeks, or months!

To set up a Calendar View for your Table's data, you need to have a date field in your table. Only then, you'll be able to view your data with respect to calendar dates.

Here, a date field refers to a data field with the date datatype.

Once you click on the Views button at the top-left of your table, you will see the list of all views in which you can view your data. You can choose the Calendar View available there.

Within the Calendar View, you can switch to look at the data on the basis of day, week, or month by using the buttons at the top right of your table.

You can use the buttons at the top left to move in-between days, weeks, or months to view the respective data.

By clicking on the today button, you can view the current day's data.

Within the Calendar View, you can add records, create reports, and also filter your data using the inline filters feature.

You can watch this video to understand how to use Calendar View:

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