Within your Account in Orgzit, you can have multiple workspaces with multiple tables.
Your company domain in Orgzit is basically your Account name, used in your Account URL. Your Account URL is of the format: https://company_domain.orgzit.com/app/

You can find all Account level details on the Manage Account page:

For a change in your Company Domain or Account Name, you need to contact our Support Team:

Once the change is made, your account URL will change accordingly.

Remember: If you change your account’s URL, Orgzit will not automatically redirect from the old to the new web address. Hence, you will need to make sure your account members know about the change so that they can continue to access the account. The old account URL will be available for use by other Orgzit users.

You can also contact our Support Team, for a change in the following:

  • Company logo

  • Tag line

  • Increasing users limits

  • Invoices

  • Call Integration

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