For an organization or team, being updated about their system's status and changes made is very important. You can connect Slack to Orgzit to keep your team efficient and coordinated. This enables you to get notified in Slack when people make updates in Orgzit, so your team always knows what's happening in their workspaces.

To integrate your Orgzit workspace with Slack, you will have to perform two tasks:

  1. Get the Webhook URL from your Slack account

  2. Integrate with your Orgzit workspace

Get the Webhook URL from your Slack account

To get the webhook URL, go to your Slack account's Manage Apps section. Then go to Custom Integrations.

Within the Incoming Webhooks section, you will find the Webhook URL which you have to copy because it will be of use while setting up the integration.

You can also choose the channel on which you want to receive messages and customize the message format you would like to get on Slack.

Integrate with your Orgzit Workspace

To integrate your workspace with Slack, move to Workspace Settings, and go to the Slack Integrations Section.

Paste the webhook URL that you copied from your Slack account.

Next, select the options for which you want to get notified. Once you create this integration, you will start receiving messages for the options that you chose.

Using this method, you can easily set up an integration with Slack. It will help you stay updated, and increase your system's overall efficiency and productivity.

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