For any successful business, organization, or team, efficient data management and processes around it are extremely important. Orgzit Action Configs provide the users the power to perform a wide range of actions from within their Orgzit workspace. This increases productivity and the overall efficiency of their system.

Using action configs, you can configure the different actions that you want to perform. Orgzit allows you to create both custom trigger action configs and automated action configs. This will allow you and your team to save time by automating repetitive tasks and reducing the overall margin of error.

You can create and configure action configs for a workspace table in the Action Configs section in the Table settings.

Note: Only users with the access level of an Administrator or Manager can create and configure Action Configs.

Action Configs can be triggered manually using custom actions. It creates a button to trigger the action that you want to perform. You can also set up workflows to trigger action configs automatically, based on specified conditions.

Currently, users can perform the following eight actions using action configs:

  1. Make a Call

  2. Send SMSs: Using custom actions or by using workflows

  3. Generate PDFs: Using custom actions or by using workflows

  4. Send Emails: Using custom actions or by using workflows

  5. (Post Save) Add Records

  6. (Pre Save) Edit Record

  7. Trigger a Workflow

  8. Clone Record

By using action configs, you can quickly perform actions, saving a lot of time. By automating these actions using workflows, you can create a very efficient organizational system.

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