Dashboard Widgets enable you to quickly look at key reports and metrics and make important business decisions.

A list of account widgets shows you the details of all the existing widgets in your account.

You can publish, unpublish, edit or remove any widget from the list, if required.

You can create and manage different widgets for different teams in your organization.
For eg., you can have a set of widgets on a Sales Dashboard for your Sales Team, and another set of widgets for your Accounts Team.

You can create a new account widget by clicking on the + Add Widget button in the list of account widgets section, by performing the following steps:

  1. Click on the "+ Add Widget" button.

  2. Select the type of report.
    Choose the report type as single-valued if you want to look at a specific number. For example, the number of follow-ups scheduled today.
    Select the type as a multiple value chart if you want to look at the visualization of your report in the form of a graph.

  3. Select the workspace and the report for which you want to create a widget.

  4. Enter the name of the widget that you want to create.

  5. Select the roles to apply this widget to.

  6. Select the type of icon that you feel is best suitable for your widget.

  7. Choose a color for your icon.

  8. Select the dashboard on which you want your widget to appear. You can manage multiple dashboards in Orgzit.

  9. Click on Create. A new widget is now created on the dashboard that you chose.

Note: The Widgets created by the above-mentioned method can be created by the Admin for different roles according to the requirement.

Dashboard widgets enable users to quickly look at important reports and insights. By adding a widget, you can access reports from the different tables of a workspace on the dashboard. You can have multiple dashboards too.

Users can create new widgets on their dashboard by following the process mentioned in the linked doc.

Using the lock/unlock button on the dashboard, you can change the layout of your dashboard.

You can also perform operations on the dashboard widgets, by using the different report buttons available on all widgets.

Check out this video to understand account widgets!

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