There are always some important data points that organizations want to look at on a daily basis. Using Filter Subscriptions you can get subscribed to receive some specific information regularly on your email.

Filter Subscription helps you to be on track with what's going on in your organization and what needs to be done. It increases productivity and helps in making data-driven decisions!

For instance, you want to look at a list of follow-ups scheduled for the day every morning or the number of orders placed today, or the list of pending tasks of your team, you can do this and much more using filter subscriptions.

You can set a filter subscription for any view and filter that you have in your workspace and receive the required information daily

Creating a Filter Subscription

  • To create a Filter Subscription, go to Table Settings, and move down to the Filter Subscriptions section.

  • Click on Add Subscription. Then, add the name for the subscription and the time at which you want to receive the subscribed filter.

  • Next, choose the Filter and the View that you want to subscribe to and receive in your email.

  • Also, choose the roles and users to whom you want to get this subscription.

  • You can select the Interval Type. It helps you choose if you want to receive the filter subscription daily or weekly.

  • Choose if you want to send empty email.

  • Choose if you want to attach the data as an excel file. You can choose this if you want to receive an excel containing the required data.

  • Click on Done.

You can also activate/deactivate a Filter Subscription whenever required. Once activated, you will receive the required Filter Subscription in your email.

Check out this video to learn how to set up Filter Subscriptions!

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