Orgzit Tables allow you to store, organize, and analyze organizational data. Every workspace can have multiple tables. With Tables, you can track every activity that constitutes a workspace.

You can set up a new table in Orgzit in the following two ways:

  1. By Uploading a CSV

  2. By Creating a Table From Scratch

Setting Up a Table by CSV Upload

Orgzit lets you create as many tables as you need so that every aspect of your information workflow is neatly organized and tracked. Creating a new table by CSV upload will help you in multiple ways like:

  1. You can get all your data from CSVs to Orgzit in just a few clicks

  2. It saves you the time and effort to set things up from scratch

Read this support article to understand the steps to set up a table using CSV upload.

Setting Up a Table from Scratch

You can set up a table from scratch by adding all the required data fields. These data fields are columns that can store different types of information.

Table Details and More!

Once the initial setup is completed you can do the following:

  • Once you set up your table, you can configure it by using the Table Details section.

  • Once you have your data fields in the table, you can add your data in the form of records in the table.

  • Once you add the data, you can filter the information as per requirement. You can also save these filters for the future using the saved filters button.

  • You can also use the show/hide fields feature to create custom views within your table. Apart from this, Orgzit provides four different views to present your data.

  • To gather insights from your data, you can create reports within your table.

Using the above-mentioned features, you can set up your table and get started with Orgzit. After setting up the table, you can also explore how to set up a role-based access control system, the power of collaboration within your workspace, and the automation of your business processes with the help of workflows.

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