A list of options is available on all dashboard widgets for performing operations on the reports. Here is the list of report buttons and their uses:

Change Filter: You can use this button to apply filters to your report. You can quickly apply conditions, filter your data, and look at the report built on your filtered data.

Apply Saved Filter: This shows you a drop-down of all the saved filters that you can apply to your report.

Show Total: This shows the sum of the different report values.

Change Display Type: This button can help you if you want to change the display type of your report from one to another.

Resize: Using this button, you can increase or decrease the size of your dashboard widget.

Download: This button gives you the option to download, save, annotate, and print the report in the required format.

Refresh: Clicking on this button will refresh your report.

Remove: Using the remove button, you can remove a widget from your dashboard.

Check out this video to understand all the different report buttons!

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