Orgzit provides different types of views to present the user's data. Users can also create custom tabular views in their Orgzit workspace. They can customize it with the data fields they want in a view by using the show/hide fields feature.

To create Custom Tabular Views, the following steps have to be performed:

  • Click on the Show/Hide Fields button available in your Table and select the fields/columns you want to be shown in your custom view.

  • Once you select the fields that you want to see, you can save it as a new view for future use by clicking on the Save View button.

  • You can name your custom view and save it.

  • You can see your newly made custom view in the list of views. You can also edit or delete a custom view if required.

  • You can also choose the default view for every table. To do so, move to the table settings, and in the table details section choose the default view for your table.

    The default view is the view that you'll see every time you open this table.

You can watch this video to understand how to create custom views:

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