In your Orgzit workspace, you can add and maintain your data in data fields. A data field represents a column in a tabular view of data. Using data fields and appropriate field attributes, users can store and work with different types of data like numbers, text, documents, images, locations, etc.

Field Sections, in Orgzit, help users to manage and organize their data in a better way. These are used to group together similar fields.

For instance, if you have an Orders table with 20 data fields, all storing very important information about an order but in a random manner without any segregation, it'll become very difficult for you to view and find some specific information.

To organize these 20 data fields, you can create Field Sections to group the information. You can create different sections for customer details, order details, billing details, etc.

Data view before any field section

Create and Manage Field Sections

To create a new Field Section, go to the table settings, and move to Field Sections. Click on Add Field Section and fill in the section name, sequence number, and details of the section.

After creating field sections, you need to assign an appropriate field section to every data field that you want to group in a section.

Now when you view a record, you can see your data organized in the different field sections you just created.

You can change the order in which your sections appear, by simply dragging and dropping a section at the required place, from the table settings.

You can also delete a field section if required. You can do so by clicking on the delete section button available with each section in the table settings.

Check out this video on Field Sections!

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