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You can always add new users or remove existing ones from an Orgzit workspace and account. Removing users basically disables them and does not entirely delete the user or the data associated with the user. You can view all the disabled users on the User Management page and enable them again whenever required.

Removing Users from your Orgzit Account

  • Within the User Management Page, select the user you want to remove.

  • To remove the user from your Orgzit Account, click on the red-colored Remove User button.
    Once you confirm, the user will be removed from your Orgzit Account.

  • You can view the User in the Disabled Users List, and enable him back into your account by clicking on the Enable User button.

  • Once you enable the user back into your account, you will also have to enable him on the required Workspaces.

Removing Users from Workspace

To remove users from your Orgzit workspace, the following steps have to be performed:

  • Click on the User Management option available in the sidebar of your workspace.

  • In the list of users, you have an option to view all users within the account or users of a specific workspace only. You can also search for the user you want to remove.

  • Select the user you want to remove. Once you choose the user, you will be able to see the list of workspaces that he is a part of.

  • You can remove the user from one or more workspaces by clicking on the red colored option to remove the user from the workspace, available as an action for every workspace.

  • Once you confirm this removal, the user will be removed from your workspace.

You can see the list of workspaces on which the user has been disabled just below the Active On Workspaces list. You can also enable the user once again by clicking on the Enable button.

Check out this video to understand how to Add and Remove users in Orgzit!

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