Using Filters, you can view records that match pre-defined values and conditions. Orgzit also provides a feature to save a filter, for later use.

Filters can help you if:

  1. You want to look at data entries created before/after a particular date.

  2. You want to look at values that meet specific criteria. Eg. sales orders with amount > 10,000 or sales orders with status = delivered.

  3. You want to look at data that meet multiple conditions like the ones mentioned above.

Inline Filters and its Benefits

  • Inline Filters help you to apply filters on multiple fields on one go.

  • Using Inline Filters, you can apply filter even if the column is not visible in the tabular view.

  • Inline Filter works in non-tabular views (kanban, calendar, map).

You can apply inline filters by clicking on the filter option at the top of your Table.

You can set the required values and conditions there and apply the Filter.

Once you apply a filter, you can save it for the future by clicking on the Saved Filters button. You can name the Filter and save it in your list of Saved Filters.

You can watch this video to understand Inline Filters!

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