Orgzit provides four different types of views to present your data. You can quickly switch between them as per requirement. By default, app data appears in Tabular View. You can also view your data in Kanban View, Map View, and Calendar View.

Tabular View

In the tabular view, your data is shown in the form of a simple tabular record list, which can easily be related to an excel-view. You can filter records, show/hide fields, and create and update records as per requirement.

You can also create custom tabular views in Orgzit. Check out this video to understand the process to create custom tabular views!

Kanban View

Kanban view is a card-based view that displays the data in an organized manner for better comprehension. For example, you can segregate the leads based on their status or categorize the sales depending on their priority.
You can move these cards to different stages by drag and drop.

Map View

Map view enables you to look at your data based on the related location information in the record. This helps you locate and have an overall view of all the resources you have deployed or your assets present in the field in one go. For instance, you can view how your dealers are located across the country.

Calendar View

The calendar view enables you to view your records on the basis of a date field. For instance, you can look at the current month's calendar and see the trend of your sales for the month on the basis of dates.

You can learn how to set up views in Orgzit here!

Watch this video to understand how to switch between different views in Orgzit!

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