Orgzit provides a very powerful multiple-level access control system. It helps in User Management and facilitates role-based access control in the workspace at different levels.

Roles are groups of users with similar authority and requirements from the workspace. You can use roles to represent different departments/teams of your organization and then set access control permissions for each role separately.

Create User Roles

  1. Go to your Workspace Settings, from the list of options by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to your workspace title at the top.

  2. Click on User Roles.

  3. Add the different user roles/groups that you want to create. Eg. accounts, sales, dealers, management, etc.

Set Access Permissions

  1. Go to Workspace Settings.

  2. Click on Permissions.

  3. Choose Permission by Roles.

  4. Select the Role for which you want to set Permission.

  5. From the list of Tables and Permissions for each of them, you can choose the permissions and define the level of access that you want to grant to a specific role in a specific table.

You can set access permissions by this process for all roles and tables.

Assign User Roles

  1. Click on the User Management option from your workspace sidebar.

  2. Choose a user that you want to assign a role to. (You can also assign a role while adding a new user).

  3. From the Action buttons, click on Edit.

  4. Set the User Access Level.

  5. Select the appropriate Role for that user and Save it.
    You can assign roles to all users by following this process.

In this way, you can manage different roles in Orgzit and set role-based access permissions as well.

Watch this video to learn how to manage different roles in Orgzit!

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