Orgzit has put together a number of ready-to-use templates for you to get started with Orgzit with just a few clicks, in the Orgzit Library. Our templates cover a wide variety of business use cases as well as industry-specific solutions that can serve as a good starting point for building your own custom work management solution on Orgzit.

Orgzit Library provides ready-to-use business workflow samples that you can set up in less than 5 minutes. These samples have been crafted based on extensive research and industry expertise. You just need to pick what works best for your business and get started instantly!

To explore the Orgzit Library and add a ready-to-use template to your workspace, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the burger icon at the top left of your workspace and select the Create Workspace option.

  2. Instead of creating a new workspace from scratch, click on the Choose from Library option.
    It opens the library containing ready-to-use templates for different use cases and industries. The list of solutions is segregated on the basis of categories like CRM, Finance, Order Management, Project Management, etc.

  3. You can view the details of these samples to find the most suitable ones for you and also install these into your workspace.

Orgzit Library solutions empower you to quickly set up ready-to-use solutions to solve your business problems and make your system more efficient.

You can watch this video to understand how to download ready to use templates from Orgzit Library!

1. Once a Template is downloaded from the Orgzit Library, a new Workspace is created from that Template

2. To move tables from one workspace to another, you need to contact the Orgzit Support Team at

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