A table in Orgzit contains multiple records. A record in Orgzit is like a spreadsheet row. You can add, edit, copy, or delete records as per your requirement. You can also view the expanded form a record which consists of all details from that record in a single sheet.

Adding a Record

You can add a new record by clicking on the +Record button at the top right of your table. Once you enter all the details, you can save it to create a new record.

You can explore other methods to add a record in the linked doc.

View a Record

To see the expanded view of a record you can click on the View Record button located at the extreme left of every record. You can also move to the three-dot button next to it and click on View Record to see the expanded view.

Within the expanded record view, you can also access the different collaboration features.

Editing a Record

You can edit a record by clicking on Edit in the expanded view of a record to Edit the Record.

You can also choose the Edit Record option by clicking on the three-dot button at the beginning of a record for the Tabular Edit.

Copy a Record

Similarly, the option to copy a record is also available in the expanded view of the record as well as in the options shown on clicking the three-dot button.

Delete a Record

The option to delete a record is available in the expanded record view. A record can also be deleted by choosing the Delete Record option by clicking on the three-dot button next to the record.

Name a Record

You can also set a name for your record. To do this go to Table Settings and set the Record Name in the Table Details section.

You can now see the button with the name you have set instead of the +Record button.

Set Record Title

You can also set a record title, which can be customized on the basis of requirements. You can format it to show specific information and details of a record.

For instance, in case you want to view a record's key details as the Title when you open the expanded view of a record, you can do so by setting the Title Formula in the Table Settings.

To see the value of some specific fields in the Title, you can specify its Normalized Name in the formula.

For instance, the Normalized Name for the field Customer Name will be customer_name. You can find the normalized names in the Table Fields section in the Table Settings

Watch this Video to understand Orgzit Records!

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