Using Filters in Orgzit, users can filter records based on specific conditions. Filtering in Orgzit is very similar to filtering in Excel.

Filters can help you if:

  1. You want to look at your sales entries created before/after a particular date.

  2. You want to look at values that meet specific criteria. Eg. sales orders with payment_status = pending.

  3. You want to look at only your "New" Leads.

  4. You want to look at data that meet multiple conditions like the ones mentioned above.

Applying Filters

To apply a filter on a particular data field/column, click on the arrow located next to the data field name.

Filter by condition

You can apply a wide range of conditions to filter your data. You can apply the condition and get the records for which a field is "Not Blank", "Greater than/Less than" a specified value, etc.

By applying conditions on a date field, you can also filter and see the records created in last N days, created in last quarter, etc. These conditions give you a great view of your data from a business or organizational point of view.

For instance, you can check the list of leads for which the Follow Up Date was "before today", the list of Leads Closed in the "Last 40 Days", and so on.

Filter by value

You will be shown a list of different values that exist under the chosen field. Check the boxes against the values for which you wish to see records.

Set the required values/conditions on which you want the data to be filtered and click on Submit.

Inline Filters

Inline Filters help you to apply filters on multiple fields on one go. Using Inline Filters, you can apply the filter even if the column is hidden in the tabular view.

You can apply inline filters by clicking on the Filter option at the top of your Table. You can set the required values/conditions there and apply the Filter.

Check out this video to understand Inline Filters:

Saved Filters

Orgzit also provides an option to Save a Filter, for later use. This saves the time and effort required to apply the filters all over again when required.

Once you apply a filter, you can save it for the future by clicking on the Saved Filters button. You can name the Filter and save it in your list of Saved Filters.

Watch this video to understand how to Save Filters!

Clearing Filters

To remove all filters from your records, go to the Filters button and click on Clear Filter.

Watch this video to clear a filter from your records.

Note: Orgzit Filters currently do not work on computed fields such as formula, related aggregation.

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