Orgzit gives you the power to send emails manually or automatically based on specific conditions in your business process.

By default emails from Orgzit are sent from a system email address, however, you can also integrate your Orgzit account with your Gmail (or Office 365) email account to send the emails from your personal or official email account.

This is possible by integrating your Orgzit user account with your Gmail account. For security purposes, this needs to be done for every user as Gmail requires user authentication before the email feature is enabled on Orgzit.

To integrate your workspace to a specific Gmail Account, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Click on the User Options button, at the top-right corner of your workspace.

  2. Click on the My Profile.

  3. You will find the Integrations section on your Profile page. Click on the Add Email for Integration button.

4. Click on the Gmail icon to set up the integration.

5. Select the Gmail account that you want to integrate with.

6. Grant Orgzit permission to use your account to send emails.

When you send an email now, once the integration is done, the sender would be the account you just integrated your system with. In this way, you can set up a Gmail Integration, as per your requirement!

Important Notes

  1. Gmail integration support email aliases setup in Gmail. By default, Orgzit will send emails from your primary alias as set up in Gmail.

  2. Users can integrate with only one Gmail account at a time.

  3. Incoming emails are not synced as a part of this integration.

Check out this video to understand how can you integrate Orgzit with your Gmail Account!

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