You can send emails in Orgzit manually or by automating them using workflows. Orgzit empowers you to create customized templates, personalized with the information of the recipient, and having all other required details.

Creating Customized Email Templates

While creating your email action config, you can customize your template by fetching values from different datafields.

To add a field value in your email template, you can use the Insert Tag feature which creates placeholders to fetch the values for you.

You can find the Insert Tag button right above the section where you enter your template.

To use the Insert Tag button for customizing your template, the following steps have to be performed:

  1. Click on the Insert Tag button and select the data field. You will get a notification stating that the Table Tag has been copied to your clipboard.

  2. Paste the tag exactly where you want to fetch the data field value.

Note: The Tag is of the format {{ normalized_datafield_name }}

For instance, if you want to insert customer name in your template and you insert the tag for your Customer Name data field, it will look like this:

Hi {{customer_name}},

where Customer Name is the name of the field that you want to add and customer_name is the normalized field name.

You can insert as many tags as you want to customize your email:

Hi {{customer_name }},

Your registration ID for this order is {{registration_id}} and your expected date of delivery is {{date_of_delivery}}.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Here, the tags refer to the fields whose value we need to include in our emails.

In this way, you can not only create new customized email templates but also edit the templates in the existing Action Configs as per the requirement.

Check out this video to understand How to customize Email Templates in Email Action Config!

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