Orgzit empowers its users to send emails manually as well as automatically based on some specified conditions, using workflows.

Very often, we need to send some documents as attachments along with our emails. For eg. monthly payslips of employees, invoice PDFs for some orders, or any other required document. To do so, you only have to add additional functionality to your (Django) email template.

To attach a document to an email that you are sending from Orgzit, the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Go to Table Settings.

  2. Move down to your email Action Config, to configure the email template and attach the required document.

  3. Add the command, {% attach_doc 'document_field_name' %} in your template.
    Note: The document_field_name is the normalized name of the field that contains your PDF that you want to attach.

    You can attach multiple documents as well using multiple attach_doc commands.

    You can also attach documents from any of the related tables. For instance, if you sending the email from the Employee table, and want to attach a doc from the connected Loan table, you can do so by adding the command {% attach_doc '' %}where employee is the related field's name in the current table, and loan is the document field name in the related Loan table.

  4. Save it.

{% load dataform_tags %}
Hi {{employee.employee_name}},<br>
The monthly salary slip for the month of {{month}} is attached along with this mail, along with the loan document.<br>
{% attach_doc 'payslip' %}
{% attach_doc '' %}
Regards <br>

By using the above-mentioned steps, you can attach documents in your emails. You can send these emails manually or automate them using workflows.

Check out this video to understand how to attach documents to email action configs!

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