Orgzit empowers its users with a wide range of actions that they can perform within their workspace. From sending e-mails, SMSs, generating PDFs to setting up condition-based workflows, Orgzit provides its users with multiple ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their organization.

Custom Actions help you to perform such actions with just a single click! It does so by creating a button to trigger the action that you want to perform.

To set up a Custom Action (button) for any Action, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Table Settings.

  2. Move down to Custom Actions.

  3. To create a new Custom Action, click on +Create.

  4. Enter the Name for the Custom Action.
    For eg. if you want to create a payslip PDF for an employee by clicking on this custom action button, you can name it as Generate Payslip.

  5. Select the Action Config, which you want to trigger by using this Custom Action.
    (An Action Config is the action that you want to perform with the help of this Custom Action. You can create a customized action as per your requirement. )

  6. Select the Roles. By choosing a particular Role, you grant it permission to use this Custom Action.
    For eg. If you want that only users with the role of Accounts should generate the payslip, you can choose Accounts here.

  7. Save the Custom Action.

You can find and use the Custom Action button you just created in these two different ways:

  1. Go back to your Table.

  2. Click on the “three-dot” button at the beginning of a record and click on the custom action that you just created. In this case, click on Generate Payslip to trigger the action.

You can find the Custom Action in the list of Actions when you view the expanded version of your record.

In this way, a custom action button performs the required action by just a single click. You can use it to perform tasks very quickly.

You can also automate these tasks in Orgzit with the help of workflows. If you want to perform tasks based on certain conditions and avoid manual work, you can set up a workflow to do the same.

Check out this video to learn how to set up a Custom Action!

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