Note: Automations were previously called Workflows in Orgzit.

While working with data and organizational processes around it, automation is the key to efficiency and success!

Orgzit provides a powerful feature, called Automations, to automate processes for you.

Automations help you perform actions based on specific conditions. You can automate information updates, set up condition-based notifications, reminders, generate PDFs, send SMSs, emails, and even make calls with the help of automation.

To set up an automation, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Table Settings

  2. Move down to Automations and click on Create Automation+.

  3. Enter the automation name and sequence number.

  4. Choose the Event Type, based on when do you want to trigger the automation.

    The Event Type can be one of the following:

    Manual: If you want to trigger the automation manually
    Pre Delete: If you want it to trigger before deletion
    Post Delete: If you want it to trigger post deletion
    Pre Save: If you want it to trigger before saving
    Post Save: If you want it to trigger post saving

  5. Set the Condition on which you want the automation to be triggered. You can set multiple conditions as well.

    Once you select the field, you will find a list of operations according to the field type. You can select the condition according to your requirement.

    You can not just have multiple conditions but also multiple condition groups.

  6. According to the requirement, choose if you want the automation to be triggered when one of the conditions is satisfied or all.

    You can select if you want to check ALL conditions to trigger automation or ANY of the conditions with the help of the toggle button.

  7. Select the Action that you want to perform once the condition(s) is met and the automation is triggered.
    Below is the list of Automation Actions you can choose from.
    Remember, automation action will also depend on the Event Type you choose.

  8. Schedule the automation for a particular date and time, if required. Select the date field and time field to schedule the automation.

  9. Save the automation.

You can use automation to set up condition-based notifications, reminders, create tasks, change the value of a particular field, or trigger action configs.

With the help of action configs, you can use automation to send SMSs, emails, generate PDFs, make calls, and take the automation of your organizational processes to another level of efficiency!

Check out this video to see how automations(workflows) work:

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