Orgzit gives you the power to manage and collaborate effortlessly. It connects with the tools and apps which you already use and make your processes more efficient.

With Orgzit, you can not only send SMSs, emails, generate PDFs, and make calls, but also instantly connect to your prospect on WhatsApp with a single click!

Once you have the WhatsApp Field Attribute in place, you can connect to the WhatsAppWeb with a single click.

You do not have to save your contacts on your personal phone anymore! Orgzit solves this for you.

It helps you collaborate with team members, reach out to leads and opportunities, follow up with customers using WhatsApp very easily. This saves you the time required in switching between different programs.

To set up the WhatsApp Field Attribute for the contact numbers in your table, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to Table Settings.

  2. Move to Table Fields.

  3. For the field that contains the contact/WhatsApp numbers, set Field Attribute as WhatsApp Action and submit it.

4. Move back to the table and in the expanded record view, you will see a small
WhatsApp icon is next to the contact number.

5. Click on the WhatsApp icon to be directed to WhatsAppWeb to send a message on that number.

By the above-mentioned steps, you can quickly connect your workspace with WhatsApp and instantly send messages and follow up with your leads as and when required.

Note: To have a custom add-on API Level WhatsApp integration for your account, you can connect with our support team at

You can also watch this video to understand the process:

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