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In the Invoicing and Order Management Workspace, all the information relevant to managing your orders and serving your customers are systematically connected to ensure that your order management workflows are smooth and seamless. 

Following is a quick how-to guide to help you understand how to add new products or services to your Product / Service Catalog. 

  • Switch tables by clicking on the “Products and services” table.

  • Close to the top right corner of your screen, you will see a button called "+Product". 

  • Clicking on this button will open a popup with a form for adding a product or a service.

  • On the “Create Product” form, you need to fill the data in the respective fields. Some of these fields can be filled from the drop-down menu available against the field. For eg: The field called "Type". This will consist of two options, i.e. Product and service.

  • Fields with a red star next to them are required fields. Be sure to fill them or else you will get an error when you create the product.

  • Once you click on the "Create" button the new product or service will be added to your product and services list. 

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