For any company, the sales order workflow is a multi-department workflow i.e. it involves more than one team to serve the customers. From sales teams converting leads into orders, to production and engineering companies completing the order, account and finance teams to raise invoices & track payments - the workflows require sharing of information at numerous interfaces between departments and any lack in adequate collaboration can have an overall negative impact on the order delivery to the end customer.

If you face any of the following challenges in managing orders or delivering projects to your customers, then you must read on and explore how Orgzit's Order Management solution can provide you a simple but powerful solution for streamlining your orders. 

  • Your order management process is time-consuming as multiple stakeholders are involved.

  • Your customer is dissatisfied and negative feedback has been a trend. 

  • Documentation processes are time-consuming & error prone.

Worst of all, for many companies orders don’t follow a recurring pattern because of of various factors - such as customer's specific requests, order quantities, promotional schemes etc. 

For a manufacturing or a project-based company, the Orgzit’s Invoicing and Order Management offers you the following business benefits:

  • All orders are entered in a single screen 

  • Time is not lost reviewing orders from multiple dealers

  • No mistakes and time is not wasted in communication between dealer & manufacturers

  • More accurate forecasting of order pipeline for the manufacturer - better production planning

  • Better and timely updates to customers help in making them happier

  • Lower returns by customers 

  • Proper Payment Tracking against orders

  • Enforcing processes at dealerships 

  • Proper order approvals by the manufacturer

  • Professional Invoice and delivery related documentation in manufacturer specified format

With Orgzit, the entire order management process is consolidated into a single platform, which moves through the system from stakeholder to stakeholder controlled by “Access control”. Orgzit, as a single platform, allows the owner of the process to keep a bird-eye view and locate the glitch.

Thus, our aim is not only to target the pain points but also target elevated efficiency levels and productivity. 

Most teams can be up and running with Orgzit Order management in under a day. Are you ready to setup your company's Order Management workflows on Orgzit? You can get started by setting up a meeting with an Orgzit solutions expert.

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