Welcome to Orgzit's Customer Service Helpdesk solution. Let me help you get started with managing your customer tickets in Orgzit. 

A typical customer support ticket management workflow is shown below. This trial account has been configured to help you manage customer support tickets as per this workflow. 

The following steps will help you quickly learn how Orgzit works by entering your own own customer tickets data and viewing the ticket reports. It will take less than 5 minutes.

Step 1 of 6: Overview of your screen

Your screen should be looking something like the above screenshot right now. You are currently in the “Customer Service Helpdesk” workspace. 

Each tab in this workspace is known as a “Table” and you are currently in the “Tickets” table.

The records on this screen represent tickets. 

You should be able to see a small number of dummy tickets from a Home Appliance Service Agency, only to help you get started. 

Now, let’s jump into creating and managing tickets.

Step 2 of 6: Let’s create a ticket

  • Close to the top right corner of your screen, you will see a button called "+Ticket".

  • Click on this button to open a form for creating a ticket.

  • On the ticket form, you need to fill the data in the respective fields. 

Some of these fields can be filled from the dropdown menu available against the field. For example, the field called "Dealer" has a drop down which will have the list of dealers listed in the table "Dealers". Similarly, dropdowns will appear for the field "Customer".

  • Fields with a red star next to them are required fields. Be sure to fill them or else you will get an error when you create the ticket.

  • Click on the "Create" button to create the ticket.

  • Congratulations! You have created your first ticket in Orgzit and are now on your way towards streamlining your customer service helpdesk.

Step 3 of 6: Let’s update ticket status

Now that you have created a ticket, one of the most important aspects of a ticket is its status.

Drag and Drop - You can drag and drop a record from one column to another. 

For instance, a ticket listed under "01-In-Progress" can be moved to “03-Ticket Closed”. 

So, you can simply drag and drop the record to the other column and automatically change the status.

Step 4 of 6: Let’s edit a ticket's severity

  • Let’s view the complete details of a ticket. You can do this clicking on a ticket.

  • You should be able to see a popup with the full ticket details, looking like the below screenshot. 

  • You can now click on the blue coloured "Edit" button appearing on the top right corner of the popup. This will make all the fields of the tickets editable.

Note: Some fields are designed to be read-only, and hence will not become editable. 

  • You can change some of the information such as the customer name or ticket description. Once you have updated the fields, click on the “Submit” button to save the changes.

  • Click on the "red cross" button on the popup to close it and return to the tickets table.

Congratulations! Now you know how to create, view and edit tickets in the Orgzit Customer service desk solution. What would you like to do next? View tickets’ summary? Let’s get to it.

Step 5 of 6: View open tickets summary

Your Orgzit Customer service desk solution comes with several useful reports. The most popular report is “Open Tickets Summary”.

To view the reports, follow the steps:

  • Click on the "Reports" button, appearing on the top right side of the screen.

  • A reports panel will pop out from the right listing all the reports available for the current table.

  • Look for the report named "Open tickets summary" report and click on it. 

  • A cumulative report of the open tickets per dealer should now appear on the screen.

Congratulations! You have now learned the basics of how simple Customer Service Ticket management can be done using Orgzit

Most of the things you have seen so far are easily customizable in a couple of hours. Want to talk about how you can customize Customer Support Desk for your business?

Let’s quickly take a look at a few other key aspects of the Orgzit Customer Service Helpdesk.

Step 6 of 6: Let’s add a new customer

  • Click on the “Customer” tab.

  • Close to the top right corner of this workspace page, you will see a button called "+Customer".

  • Clicking on this button will open a dialog box which will ask for the details of the ticket you want to create.

  • Fill the data in the respective fields. 

Some of these fields can be picked from the drop-down menu available against the field. For eg. The field called "Dealer" has a drop down which will have the list of dealers listed in the table "Dealers". 

  • Click on "Create" to create a record in the desired/selected table.

Note: These fields can be increased or decreased as per your custom requirements. 

Other tabs in Customer Service Helpdesk

The other tabs in the Customer Service Helpdesk workspace are:

  • Dealers: If you sell through a dealer or franchise network or through channel partners, this table will maintain a list of the dealers associated with your business. Learn how to add a dealer.

    Alternatively, if you sell directly through an internal sales force team, this table would not be relevant and can be removed.The other tabs in the Customer service desk workspace are:

  • Customers: This table will facilitate you to keep a record of your customers and their details.

These tables are linked to the tickets' table and they enable you to capture all the relevant ticket data, such as which dealer or salesperson is responsible for the ticket, who was the customer.

Setup Orgzit Customer Service Helpdesk for Your Team

At Orgzit, we understand your pain with managing a customer service helpdesk. With the Orgzit Customer Service Helpdesk solution, you can streamline your team’s work and save up more than 40 hours per agent per month.

Most teams can be up and running with Orgzit Customer Service Helpdesk in under a day. 

Are you ready to setup a customized Customer Service Helpdesk for your business? You can get started by setting up a meeting with an Orgzit solutions expert.

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