Kanban view is a card-based view that displays the data in an organized manner for better comprehension. For example, you can segregate the leads based on their status or categorize the sales depending on their priority. This sort of information gives better insights about the potential bottlenecks and lets you fix them effectively.

To change the view, a button named "Views" is present on the top-left of the app screen.
This video can be your guide to switch to Kanban view.

Working with Kanban View:

In addition to viewing the record details in an organized manner, you can perform Drag and Drop operations using the Kanban view. 

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop a record from one column to another. For instance, a task listed under "medium" has been accorded "low" priority as of now, the task can be dragged from the category of medium priority to low priority.
So, instead of editing the record and changing the status you can simply drag and drop the record to low to automatically change the priority.

Kanban view can be generated for any string data field that has a dropdown list of choices. A Kanban View is automatically available in the list of views whenever the concerned attribute is applied.

Personalized Kanban View
You can also personalize your Kanban view as per your needs. eg: Out of 8 columns you want to view only 3, which will help you maintain a laser focus on the task you want to accomplish, you can hide the irrelevant fields and save that view as your personalized view.

By using the Kanban View, you can visualize your data in an organized manner and make your business workflow smoother and more efficient!

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