Do you face any of these pain points with your lead management process? 

  • You manage leads via spreadsheets and end up making multiple copies of the same files and it becomes hard to track which is the latest copy

  • It takes too long to find the right information while updating or reviewing leads

  • Lot of time is wasted in generating sales performance reports

  • Your team does not have a consistent process for tracking leads

Worst of all, leads get lost and you end up losing business!

At Orgzit, we understand your pain with lead management. With the Orgzit lead management solution, you can streamline your team’s lead management and save up more than 40 hours per user per month.

You get the following business benefits with the Orgzit lead management.

  • Become more efficient by having your entire team work on a single application for tracking leads

  • Save time by automating follow-up reminders and communications with prospects

  • Analyze your sales pipeline and other sales analytics in real-time at the click on a button

  • Reduce onboarding time for new sales team members by enforcing a consistent lead management process

Most teams can be up and running with Orgzit Lead Management in under a day. Are you ready to setup Orgzit Lead Management for your team? You can get started by setting up a meeting with an Orgzit lead management expert.

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