Searching your data in Orgzit is simplified by a universal search. This allows you to search your data irrespective of wherever it is in Orgzit account.

Steps to utilize this feature are as follows:

  1. After logging in to account, you will see a magnifying glass shaped button. When you hover your mouse pointer over it, a pop up with name "Search Record" will appear.
  2. Clicking on that button will open a search box with text field for your input.
  3. By default, the search box searches in the universal mode, i.e. "All the workspaces and all the apps". This search has also been characterized as per different contexts. eg: Search can be done by selecting a specific workspace or an app. Additionally, these fields of Workspace and Apps in the search bar is on an auto fill mode as you traverse across different workspaces and apps. These auto filled fields are editable and can be changed as per the need.
  4. The search results are divided into 4 different types of outputs, i.e. Records, Comments, Tasks, and Attachments. eg: If you are looking for a record, your search results will be displayed within the "Record" tab of the search box. Similar action is applicable to the remaining three  output types.

Here's a guide to search on Orgzit. 

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