Initiating and managing a project on Orgzit is one of its many basic features. After creating a project, known as workspace, in Orgzit, you can add your team members or other professionals to it.
Following are the steps to do so:

  1. Login to your Orgzit account.

  2. There is a User-management button on the top right corner of your screen. When you hover your mouse over it, the text "Users Directory" is displayed. 

  3. Clicking on that button will redirect you to a user administration page. 

  4. Just below the top right corner of the redirected page, a button named "New User" is present. Clicking on that button will prompt you with a dialog box where you will enter the details of the new user you want to add.

  5. While adding a user, you will see a toggle button which controls the new user's right of being an Account Admin or not. Making the new user as an Account Admin permits him to exercise admin permissions at the account level.

  6. This new user's access can be controlled at your end. You can give the new user access to specific workspaces. Within the assigned workspace, access can be controlled by the "Access level" drop down.

  7. Next to the drop down of  "Access level" is "group". For instance, you have a group within your workspace called "Sales group". By assigning the new user under "sales group" will only give him accesses in accordance to the permissions assigned to "sales group" 

  8. If the user is already added in your workspace and you need to give him access to a new workspace, you can select the user from the list of existing users on the left end of the page. 

  9. After the user profile is displayed, click on the "Add to workspace" button and repeat the process of filling the details in the dialog box.

  10. Now the user will have access to the specified project/workspace.

Watch the video below which gives you an example as to how you can add a new user to your Orgzit account.

This video can be your guide to assigning a user to a workspace on Orgzit. 

Deleting a user:

Now that the new user has been added, you can also delete users previously added.
You can select the user to be deleted from the list of existing users on the left end of the page.
Now that his profile is being displayed, you can either delete the user or disable his user account. By clicking on the "Delete user" button on the right end of the profile of the user.
By clicking on the "disable user" button just above the "Delete user button". When you hover your mouse over the button, "Disable user" will be displayed.

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