What is a Workspace?

In Orgzit, you can create workspaces to manage every workflow or business activity that each team of your organization is tasked with. For a Human Resource team, for example, you can create workspaces for People Operations and Recruitment Management. 

Who can create new Workspaces?

Only Account Administrators are allowed to create new workspaces in any account. 

To learn more about user level permissions in Orgzit, read the article on Different User Types in Orgzit. 

Are there any limits on the number of workspaces per account?

While there are no technical limits on the number of workspaces for every account, there might be limitations based on our pricing and / or fair usage policy. 

Creating a new Workspace

To create a workspace, click on the + in the header and select Create Project from the drop-down menu.

Next, you will be prompted to give a name to your workspace name and also add a description. Fill the fields and click on Add Workspace to create the new workspace.

Pro Tip: Best Practices for Creating Workspaces

Users are free to create workspaces and databases the way they like. You can choose to have one or many workspaces - the choice is dependent on two things: 

1/ Your organizations structure 

2/ The level of interlinking and complexity of your data

Note: Users can link data from any Tables within a single workspace, however, information from one Workspace cannot be linked to data from another Workspace. For example, if you would like to link your CRM data to your People Operations data, then you would need to create on Workspace with Tables for tracking your CRM and People Operations data. 

Once you’ve set up a Workspace, you can create Tables – specially crafted lists that help keep your data organized – to track the minutest of tasks.

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