Orgzit's task feature allows work to be assigned to project users at the record level, complete with due dates and times. Click here to see how to assign a task.

Let's take a look at how you can use the task feature to help you work better.

My Tasks

The My Tasks feature helps you keep track of all the tasks that have been assigned to you across projects. To access the My Tasks page, click on the ✓ symbol in the header from any Orgzit page. Here, tasks are grouped under headers that indicate the app and project that they belong to. Missed deadlines show up in red against task name.

Filtering tasks Use the buttons above the task list to filter your tasks on the basis of their status, who they have been assigned by, or the project that they belong to.

Navigating to the task record On the My Task page, the record that the task belongs to is given in blue next to the task title. To visit the record, simply click on the record name.

Workspace Tasks

You can view all tasks related to a project in one place. To do this, open the relevant project from the dashboard and click on the green "✓" button.

Table Tasks

To view a summary of all tasks at the app level, open the app page and click on the green "✓" button.

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