Widgets allow you to access reports from the different Tables of a Workspace at the top of the Workspace page. Using widgets, you can view the progress of work in the different apps of your project at a glance and in one place.

Adding a widget

1. Widgets can be added to any project page provided there is at least one report in any app within that project. To add a widget, click the gear icon on the relevant project page and go to Add Widget.

2. Add a widget name, and select the report that you want to show. Select full width if you’d like the report to span the width of the page or half width if you’d like it to span across half the width of the page. Click OK.

Watch these videos to add a widget to your dashboard easily.

Deleting a widget

To delete a widget, click on the cross in the widget header.

Refresh a widget

To revise a widget so that it represents the latest data, click on the refresh button in the widget header.

Note: The widgets that you create will only be seen by you. This allows you to customize your project pages based on what is important to you. A Project Manager, for instance, can customize widgets to view the progress of various team members on his or her Project page, while an individual contributor can customize widgets to view a summary of information that is only pertinent to him or her.

Watch this video to see how you can refresh or delete a widget.

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