Orgzit helps organizations grow faster by streamlining their team's day-to-day work. It provides the key to team productivity and efficiency by supporting effortless collaboration. It has a variety of features for collaboration that'll suit businesses and organizations of all different sizes and needs.

For effective collaboration, you can use features like commenting, tagging, and assigning specific records to different team members using the user field. Along with this, notifications about the relevant information keeps your entire team connected and informed.

When you open up a record in detail view, you have access to comments, reminders, files, interactions and history for the record.

Let's take a look at what you can do with each of these:


You can use the comments section to discuss a specific record with other people working on the project. It's a great place to keep notes on leads, bugs, content, or any other information that doesn't feature in your records.

You can mention a project user in the comments by using "@" followed by his or her name, for example, @John. This will trigger a push notification and call the colleague's attention to the comment.

Watch this video which can help you add a comment!

Looking to Mention a User?
This video can be your guide to mention a user in a comment. 


The reminders section can be used to create and track reminders. You can enter the title of the reminder, assign it to the relevant user and also specify the due date and time. The reminders are received as app notifications and also on email.

By setting up reminders, you can avoid missing follow-ups and tasks!

Watch this video on how to set up reminders in Orgzit!


Use the files section to store and share files relevant to the record. To add files, simply drag and drop.

This video can be your guide to add a file to Orgzit.


This section contains an auto-generated history of all changes that have been made to the record.

Watch this video which can guide you to viewing the history of your activities on Orgzit. 

User Field

The user field allows you to select and assign a user to a particular record. You can add a field attribute that helps you choose a user from a dropdown list of all users or users belonging to a particular group/role.

The user field can be configured to notify a user when their name has been added to a cell. This is particularly helpful for project management use cases or any other situations in which you need to assign records to people.


When something important happens in Orgzit, we let you know through notifications. You will be notified when someone adds you to a workspace, @tags you in a record, or assigns you to a record using a user field. These notifications are delivered through email, mobile push notifications, and the bell-shaped notification icon in the web app. They help your entire team to be updated with all the relevant information at all times!

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