When you open up a record in split view or full-page record view, you have access to comments, tasks, files, and history for the record. Let's take a look at what you can do with each of these:


You can use the comments section to discuss a specific record with other people working on the project. It's a great place to keep notes on leads, bugs, content, or any other information that doesn't feature in your records.

You can mention a project user in the comments by using "@" followed by his or her name, for example, @John. This will trigger a push notification and call the colleague's attention to the comment.


The tasks section can be used to assign work relevant to a particular record. Enter the task in the title section and assign it to a project user from the drop-down list. Next, set a due date and time and click save. The assignee will receive a push notification alerting him or her about the task.


Use the files section to store and share files relevant to the record. To add files, simply drag and drop.


This section contains an auto-generated history of all changes that have been made to the record.

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