InMail is another amazing functionality of Orgzit. It allows you to re-direct emails to your Orgzit account. Using this functionality you can create new records (Tickets, task, or leads) or attach the same email to an existing record.
To set this functionality up, following steps are to be followed:

  1. Select the workspace and the app you want to work in. 
  2. Go to app settings.
  3. Scroll down and hover over "Add attribute" button in the "App Attributes" section and in the following drop down menu, select the "App email" option.
  4. This will generate a unique email id ( similar to "app_****").

5. Now that your app- specific ID has been generated, you will have to fill in the details in the dialog box.

6. The dialog box will have field names similar to fields present in an email. So, the "From" field of the email will be mapped against which field of the record will be selected by you. Similarly, all information of the remaining fields will be mapped against a fields of the record. This mapping will be selected by you.

7. After you head-back to your app, you will find an additional option shaped as an "email" icon in the app task bar.

Now that the InMail is set up, to utilize the feature follow the following steps:

  1.  You can forward your emails to the auto generated email ID.
  2. When the email is sent to this email ID, it will be directly received in the Orgzit account, you can check that mail by clicking the "app emails" icon.
  3. Now that Inmail has been received, you can take two action against it.

You can either "Attach it to an existing record" or "create a new record".

The mail will get attached in the email section of the record. You can view the attached mail by opening the details of the record. 

If you decide to create a new record against the mail received, you can view the newly created record on the app page.

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