Every row/card of your table is known as a Record in Orgzit. A record can be entered by 4 different ways: 

Method 1:

  1. Close to the top right corner of this workspace page, you will see a button called "+Record".
  2. Clicking on this button will open a dialog box which will prompt you to select the table/app in which you want to enter your record.
  3. This data can be fed to the the system across different tables/apps, i.e. if you are working within a workspace on a specific table/app, you can add a record in the same workspace in some other table/app.
  4. After selecting the desired table/app, a new dialog box which will prompt you to enter the details regarding the data you want Orgzit to record.
  5. Click on "Create" to create a record in the desired/selected table/app.

Here is an example as to how you can create a new record.

Method 2:

  1. Go to the app where you want to add the record. For instance, Go to Invoices.
  2. Click on the button "+Bill Item" on the top right corner of the app page.
  3. Enter the requisite details in the dialog box and click Create.
  4. When the dialog box appears, you can see another "add" button just below the first field. Clicking on "add" will open another dialog box allowing you to enter a record in the child app of the app you are working on. 

Method 3:

  1. After you have added a record in the an app or in a selected workspace, another dialog box appears asking you for the next step/action you want to take. 
  2. You can click on "Add another bill item". This will open the same dialog box which you used to enter the previous record.
  3. You can see two other option listed under the tag "Create child records". These options will only be available in case the present app you are working in is related/linked to some other app in the same workspace.

Method 4:

  1. You can open the details of a particular record. 
  2. If that app has another app attached or linked to it, while scrolling down you will get an option to add records in the linked app. For instance, you can click on "Billing item" , as depicted in gif attached below.
  3. Because you are working on a selected record, the "invoice" field will be auto-filled.

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