With Orgzit,signing up with same email ID for multiple accounts is possible. Thus, multiple emails IDs are not required. 

If you have registered with Orgzit for multiple accounts via the same email ID, you can seamlessly use all your accounts. However, all the accounts connected to one email ID will have different URLs but the same password.

For eg:
Email ID used for registration is company_name@gmail.com

  1. When registering with an email ID for the first time, your access URL will be company_name.orgzit.com
  2. When registering with an email ID for the second time, your access URL will be different, i.e. company_name-1.orgzit.com.  This process is repetitive and will allow one user to generate many accounts with the same email ID.

So to access your first account, use the first URL with same login information. Similarly, to access your second account,  use your second URL with same login information. But, we recommend you to use only one account.

Sign in with one email ID to multiple accounts:

You can also be invited to join other workspaces on the same email id by that workspace's admin. For instance, you have your own workspace where you maintain your daily tasks and the admin of another workspace invites you to join/collaborate with them on their workspace. You can accept their invitation and start accessing the account using the same email id.

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